Where can I buy a cremator? The best offers on Eco-Spectrum website.

Cremator - equipment for thermal incineration of various types of waste. Today, cremator furnaces are the safest, most efficient and practical method of biomass utilization. More and more enterprises decide to buy a cremator to optimize the production process.

The efficiency of the thermal disposal method is several times higher than other outdated methods. Neither composting, nor landfills, nor landfills are able to completely solve the problem of waste disposal, and especially biomass.

But a cremator or incinerator is an equipment that is just used for these purposes. The principle of operation of the device is the effect of high temperatures on biological or other types of waste. Burning temperature reaches 700-800 ° C (due to the built-in internal burners).

You can buy a cremator running on diesel fuel or gas (liquefied or mainline).

The equipment differs mainly in the volume of the loading chamber. Models can be from 40 to 1000 kilograms in volume. You can also choose cremator ovens with one or two burners.

Eco-Spectrum is a leading company in the production and development of modern cremators and incinerators in the Russian Federation. We offer a wide range of equipment for waste disposal of all types. Our cremators stand out by the highest quality and reliability, which is thanks to the powerful production base of the company, the use of innovative technologies and the qualifications of Eco-Spectrum employees.


You can buy cremators in Moscow, Izhevsk or other cities of the Russian Federation on Eco-Spectrum website. We offer innovative models of equipment that is widely used on:

  • livestock enterprises;
  • poultry farms;
  • meat processing plants;
  • municipal enterprises;
  • in laboratories, medical and veterinary institutions.

The remains of birds and animals, medical and biological waste, etc. are disposed of in the boiler of the cremator. At the end of the work, less than 5% of absolutely combusted products — ashes and bones - remain.


A cremator is an equipment that consists of a chamber with grates and a burner. Thanks to the grates, an even distribution of heat inside the chamber is guaranteed. Due to this, fast and efficient waste incineration is achieved, as well as a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

The chamber of the unit is made of heat-resistant steel, with a minimum wall thickness of 10-12 mm. Inside it is sheathed with a special material that provides thermal insulation of the unit.

A loading hatch is provided in the cremator. The furnace operator can open it, and the hatch itself is fixed with a safety chain for complete safety. Such precautions reduce to zero the risk of spontaneous closing of the hatch doors. Like any other furnace, the cremator has a chimney and a blowhole. In the case of diesel fuel, a copper tube is used to supply fuel.

The waste disposal process is regulated using a built-in burner with a control unit.


The use of a cremator for waste disposal is beneficial for many reasons

  • Environmental friendliness. The operation of the equipment does not cause any harm to the environment. After the recycling process, sterile ash remains, which prevents the spread of pathogenic microbes and bacteria.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Waste disposal in cremators is also beneficial from an economic point of view. First of all, because of the need to transport waste to recycling plants. Also, due to the features of the equipment, fuel consumption is minimized.
  • Models of modern cremators do not require special skills for maintenance, which means that you do not need to spend time training staff.
  • Wide product range. Eco-Spectrum website presents a large selection of cremator models, which will allow you to choose the best equipment for any production.


Depending on the application of the furnace, the cremator can be:

  • for veterinary waste;
  • for biological waste;
  • for medical waste;
  • And other types of waste.

The cost of the cremator depends on several criteria. Let 's highlight the main ones:

  • dimensions of the equipment (its weight and external dimensions);
  • loading chamber volume;
  • type of burners;
  • burning capacity and speed, etc.

You can buy a cremator in Eco-Spectrum — the price of this equipment on our website will surprise you with its benefits. Hurry up to use it! Choose a suitable cremator model on the pages of our company's catalog, and if necessary, Eco-Spectrum consultants will answer all your questions about this equipment.