Cremator - environmentally friendly disposal of garbage


In the view of most ordinary people a cremator is a device that burns garbage on the principle of a conventional furnace. But modern versions of such installations not only thermally process the materials entering the furnace, but also:

  • do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere;

  • at the exit they form a safe ash that can be used for street decor;

  • can serve as an additional source of heat for heating production facilities.

All of the above explains the rapidly growing popularity of incinerators, which are manufactured with the expectation of a different volume and a number of other technical characteristics.

Environmentally friendly combustion

It is a mistake to believe that cremators are capable of processing only animal corpses or solid household waste. There are models designed to burn medical waste, which looks especially relevant in the current realities of the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, production leaders represented by Eco-Spectrum are already working to create incinerators to neutralize gear oil waste. To achieve the desired result, specialists first carry out calculations with the details of chemical processes, and only then create a plan for gas cleaning. A step-by-step approach will prevent situations where harmful combustion products enter the air.

Old methods of sorting and subsequent burial are gradually becoming obsolete, as they cannot boast of safety. While thermal exposure in compliance with the standards of gas emission is a promising direction that cares about the environment. That is why more and more enterprises prefer cremators.