Cremator - a practical and environmentally friendly solution for waste recycling

Cremators are specialized equipment designed for the thermal treatment and disposal of various types of waste. Nowadays, such equipment is included in the list of the safest, most environmentally friendly and cost-effective methods of waste processing.

The cremator is an effective purchase that allows you to optimize the production process and solve the problem of waste disposal without hassle.

Why are cremators especially relevant today?

Landfills take up too much space, which will end sooner or later, as well as landfill sites. Composting does not provide high efficiency due to too high a build-up rate of waste. In addition, not all types of waste can be composted. At the same time, cremators work quickly and efficiently.

There are units with different volumes of loading chambers:

• for household purposes, cremators with a load of 100 to 200 kg are suitable;

• For industrial use, 1 ton combustion chambers are more suitable.

Cremators are irreplaceable at the enterprises of animal husbandry, in the field of medicine and pharmaceutics.