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HURIKAN 1000 in The Artic

HURIKAN 1000 in the Arctic! 

The HURIKAN 1000 incinerator is the most productive equipment produced by our company, not counting the HURIKAN 3000 , which is produced without the afterburning chamber of gases, due to which the burning rate of 3000 kg / h is achieved, but this machine is not suitable for everyone. 

It is noteworthy that this incinerator HURIKAN 1000 will go to the Arctic. The equipment will be used to eliminate "landfills" of solid waste. Not long summer and winter where the temperature reaches -60C, working in the harsh conditions of the region is a challenge for our products and engineers.

Our engineers will contact the client with a certain frequency and receive feedback to coordinate the work of the operators competently and obtain data and characteristics that will help in continuous work to improve our equipment.