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The company "Eco-Spectrum" put the incinerator HURIKAN 150 in the Rostov region with the option of warming the building

Компания ООО "Эко-Спектрум" поставила инсинератор HURIKAN 150

The company Eco-Spectrum has supplied the incinerator HURIKAN 150 to the Rostov region with the option of heating the building with a total area of ​​550 m 2, 250 of which are office 250 m 2 and production - 300 m 2 .

Waste to be neutralized and completely destroyed, are used as fuel.

In the combustion chamber, the working temperature is 650 ° C, at the outlet from the system 95 ° C, in the premises 28-30 ° C. Temperatures are stably maintained.

With us, the Customer solves two tasks: the destruction of waste and the generation of heat.

The HURIKAN 150 installation is equipped with a light and sound system for warning of errors and abnormal situations.

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