The Russian company Eco-Spectrum develops and manufactures high-performance equipment (incinerators) for the disposal of more than 1,300 types of waste, including polyester fibre. The effectiveness and efficiency of the use of incinerators is confirmed by test trials, which are carried out by the company's specialists at the Eco-Spectrum experimental sites.

The test burning was carried out using the HURIKAN (URAGAN) 150 incinerator. The main task of the utilization process is to determine the burning features of the loaded waste, the optimal consumption of electricity and fuel. These studies are necessary for the economic calculations of the profitability of the HURIKAN incinerator (URAGAN) 150 in the disposal of a particular type of waste.

The company Eco-Spectrum produces not only high-performance, but also environmentally friendly equipment. Thanks to modern gas cleaning systems, it is possible to achieve acceptable emission standards. This allows the use of incinerators for the disposal of even hazardous waste. Allowable emission values ​​are also determined during the test burning of unsuitable materials. To do this, the company's specialists attract a mobile laboratory.

Features disposal polyester fibre

Polyester fibre is widely used in modern manufacturing. It can be found in the composition of textile products, material for stretch ceilings, in household plastic, ropes, etc. At the same time, few people know that polyester fibre contains impurities that are derived from petroleum products. Due to this, the utilization of this material is complicated, since additional impregnation increases resistance to high temperatures and ignition. However, test burns of polyester fibre in the HURIKAN incinerator (URAGAN) 150 prove that this equipment copes with this task 100%.

At the end of the dispose process, more than 3-5% of sterile ash remains from the total waste disposal. And due to the oil in the composition of the material, even greater combustion efficiency is ensured - in the process the temperature rises rapidly, which positively affects the performance of the device.

With the observance of the entire technology of operating HURIKAN (URAGAN) 150, it is possible to achieve absolute safety from an environmental point of view.