Производство и отгрузка инсинератора

Production and shipment of incinerator July 26, 2019 Eco-Spectrum LLC produced and shipped the HURIKAN (URANGAN) 1000 incinerator to South Sakhalin. The installation will be operated on solid waste - wood wedge.

The invention relates to the field of neutralization of industrial waste and can be used for the neutralization of waste wood wedge.

Wood railroad ties are widely used on railways. To increase the service life, these sleepers are impregnated with antiseptic agents, for example, compositions based on shale oils (1). Shale resin contains high-boiling phenols, aromatic hydrocarbons, sulphur-containing, and other toxic compounds. Despite this, the service life of such a wedge is short. In reality, there is the problem of the destruction of toxic waste from a wood wedge, which accumulates in large volumes during repair work and/or is waste in the process of their production (defect).

According to the federal classification catalogue of waste, waste wood wedges belong to finished products that have lost their consumer properties (Code 1712060013013). Waste wood wedges contain many toxic and life-threatening substances. Approximate component composition of railway wedge soaked in antiseptic agents (passport of hazardous waste):

Shale oil 8,2%
Water 1,5%
Silica (SiO2) 6,0%
Alumina (Al2O3) 4,0%

A known method of destruction of hazardous hydrocarbon-containing wastes, including wood wastes, by the method of pyrolysis (high-temperature destruction) (2). Pyrolysis - the processing of hydrocarbon-containing raw materials at high temperatures and lack of oxygen. Pyrolysis of wood is carried out by its decomposition when heated to 450 ° C without access of air with the formation of gaseous, liquid (wood resin) and solid products (charcoal).

The disadvantages of this method are the high cost and very high energy intensity. Contamination of the surrounding air environment is not excluded, especially during the pyrolysis of wood wedges containing sulphur-containing and other compounds, the composition of which is not limited to carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

The closest technical solution (prototype) is a waste neutralization method based on their thermal neutralization - thermal destruction, which allows not only neutralizing from hazardous compounds but also reducing the waste mass by 90 times. HURIKAN incinerator afterburning chamber (URANGAN) 1000, designed to hold high temperatures and efficient afterburning of exhaust gases perfectly cope with the generated gases.

Burial in the land at industrial landfills - In this method, hazard class 2-3 waste is neutralized by landfill in pits with waterproofing of the bottom and side walls or in pits with compacted soil with a permeability coefficient of not more than 10-6 cm / s. - This method does not exclude pollution of the environment. Absolutely impermeable waterproofing materials and compacted soils do not exist. Possible contamination of the soil adjacent to the burial place, as well as the air due to the evaporation of volatile components. With increasing burial time, the probability of these events increases.

Wood sleepers contain approximately 10% of chemical compounds, similar in nature to chemical compounds that make up oil. Their calorific value is quite high, so their thermal utilization is practically cost-effective, since the installation works with minimal fuel and electricity consumption and the cost of one ton of such waste will cost no more than 200 rubbles, and the environmental effect will surpass all other methods.

Another, no less important, advantage of the proposed method is that when burning this waste, homogeneous waste, heat can be obtained for the production and economic needs of the enterprise.

You can find out more about this model by clicking on the link to the page HURIKAN (HURRICANE) 1000.

Производство и отгрузка инсинератора Производство и отгрузка инсинератора
Производство и отгрузка инсинератора Производство и отгрузка инсинератора
Производство и отгрузка инсинератора Производство и отгрузка инсинератора