HURIKAN 1000 incinerator commissioned in Yamal

Eco-Spectrum Company continues to expand the geography of supplies of its equipment - highly efficient and environmentally friendly incinerators for thermal waste disposal. So just recently, the HURIKAN 1000 disposing plant was developed, which was specially developed for waste disposal in special conditions - on the Yamal Peninsula. This once again confirms that the use of equipment from the company Eco-Spectrum is possible even at extremely low temperatures.

The operation of the HURIKAN 1000 incinerator complex involves the disposal of even the most hazardous types of waste since the operation of the incinerator is the safest for the environment and the environment as a whole.

Thanks to the unique lining technology - a special development of the company - the combustion temperature is maintained inside the equipment up to 1000 degrees Celsius with the conservation of heat. This can significantly reduce fuel costs. The special lining of the incinerator also guarantees high safety of the disposal process for the device operators, since the outside temperature of the case does not exceed 50-60 degrees.

The HURIKAN 1000 incinerator plant is characterized by high productivity - the equipment can utilize up to 1 ton of waste per hour of operation. With the uninterrupted operation of the incinerator 24/7, more than 20 tons of waste can be neutralized.

This device has all the necessary quality certificates, as well as a positive SEE conclusion with a permit for the disposal of more than 130 types of waste.

Оборудование для утилизации отходов

Оборудование для утилизации отходов Оборудование для утилизации отходов