инсинератор во Владивостоке

South Sakhalin, Yamal, Altai Territory - in these regions the HURIKAN 1000 incinerator from the Eco-Spectrum company is already actively used. Expanding the geography of deliveries of its recycling facilities and confidently conquering the market of specialized equipment, the manufacturer commissioned the HURIKAN 1000 at a waste disposing of the plant in Vladivostok.

A high-performance and powerful incinerator complex will be used for the disposal of tailings after waste sorting. This will significantly optimize the process of disposal of garbage and reduce its cost.

HURIKAN 1000 is a high-performance incinerator capable of utilizing up to 1 ton of waste per hour of operation.

The supply of equipment to another remote region of Russia is direct evidence of the recognition of the quality and reliability of Eco-Spectrum incinerators, which can guarantee uninterrupted operation even in adverse climatic conditions and under heavy loads.

By purchasing the HURIKAN 1000 incinerator complex from the Eco-Spectrum company, you get full confidence in the highest quality, efficiency and environmental safety of the equipment.