More than 70 cities of the Russian Federation, Mongolia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, the CIS countries - this is the geography of deliveries of incinerator complexes from the Eco-Spectrum company. But the manufacturer does not stop at what has been achieved and is confidently heading for the EU countries.

So, on August 9, 2019, the company shipped the high-performance HURIKAN 1000 incinerator complex for subsequent operation in the EU countries.

Today, the company's engineers are preparing for the commissioning of the recycling plant, which will result in the presentation of the HURIKAN 1000 incinerator for representatives of the EU ministries of ecology.

Eco-Spectrum is confident in the subsequent fruitful cooperation - it is expected that an international contract will be signed for the commissioning of 10 more HURIKAN 1000+ mobile incinerator complexes. Such equipment and its use in factories, enterprises and other places of garbage accumulation is an effective solution to its quick, high-quality and safe disposal.

The international cooperation of Eco-Spectrum with the countries of the European Union is another proof of the high reliability and uncompromising quality of the brand incinerator plants.