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Delivery of equipment to ARCTIC


Modern disposal equipment companies have found an effective solution for effectively controlling large volumes of waste- a technology of thermal waste disposal, which today is considered one of the safest and most efficient.

Such a smokeless incinerator will be operated on the territory of the M.S.W at the landfill in Naryan Mar for the disposal of solid household, oil-containing and soaked waste. Installation and operation of the equipment are carried out within the framework of the activities of the local regional waste management operator. Also start of the new waste sorting complex used for competent sorting of household waste is planned: waste paper, glasses, plastic, metals, polymers, etc. The operation of an incinerator for burning unsuitable materials and a waste collection complex will significantly improve the environmental situation in the region and at least partially solve the problem of waste accumulation in a country that is a real threat to it. The total cost of the plants amounted to 16, 8 million rubles - the incinerator cost 12.1 million, and the waste collection complex - 4.7 million rubles. Also in Naryan Mar will deliver specialized municipal equipment: dump trucks, loaders, shredder and tractor.