Waste furnaces

Waste processing furnaces: application areas and equipment features

Any production faces the problem of efficient disposal of produced waste. Regularly transporting them to recycling plants is costly and not always safe for the environment. Taking it to landfills is inefficient and not environmentally friendly. So how to optimize the workflow so that it is both economically profitable and practical, and in compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards?

The most optimal solution is to use an incinerator furnace for waste disposal. The garbage disposal process takes place at high temperatures (from 700 to 1500 degrees Celsius). You can buy a furnace for burning household and other types of waste on our website.

This equipment for recycling has a wide range of actions and is suitable for almost all enterprises and organizations whose type of activity is associated with the formation of a large volume of waste. Such waste recycling furnaces increase both production efficiency and do not cause any harm to the environment.


The waste disposal furnace has a fairly simple design and consists of:

  • loading chamber;
  • grates;
  • burners (or two burners)
  • loading hatch;
  • chimney.

In the process of burning unsuitable materials, any organic compounds are transformed into sterile ash that is absolutely safe for the environment. And thanks to a special gas cleaning system, a smoke-free combustion furnace works. Rather, there is smoke, but it does not pose any danger to the atmosphere and the environmental situation.


As mentioned above, the scope of application of incinerators and cremators is very extensive. Let's take a closer look at where it is most expedient to operate this equipment.

Oil refineries: This industry produces particularly hazardous waste - oil sludge, which consists of sand, clay, oil and oxide metals. Draining such waste into water or into the ground is prohibited by law, as this will inevitably lead to a large-scale environmental disaster. Therefore, oil refineries will definitely have to buy a waste incinerator. The use of an incinerator in this case is a guarantee of safety.

Livestock enterprises: Veterinary waste also carries a special danger to the environment and the environment. Especially during epidemics, which are accompanied by a plague of livestock. And the carcasses of animals and birds themselves, as well as their remains, form dangerous organic compounds during decomposition. Therefore, the use of an incinerator in this industry is more than justified.

Medical institutions: The garbage that is formed as a result of the work of medical institutions and laboratories is divided into three categories: A, B and B. Waste B and C are particularly dangerous, since they are sources of infections. You can buy a furnace for waste disposal of class B and C on our company's website.

Other industries and utilities: Another problem of our time is solid household garbage, which in most cases is taken to landfills, and not disposed of by thermal method. But today more than 80% of polygons have already exhausted themselves. The only effective, practical, reliable and safe solution is a furnace for the disposal of household waste. Buy this equipment on our website — we guarantee you the best quality of incinerators and cremators at the best prices.

As you can see, the incinerator furnace for waste incineration is the optimal solution for ensuring efficient and safe disposal of various types of garbage. If you want to purchase high-quality equipment at an affordable price, please contact us. You will receive qualified support and assistance in choosing the right incinerator model.