HURIKAN 300 high performance incinerator in stock!

HURIKAN incinerator is a unit for the disposal of biomass and industrial waste by thermal recycling. HURIKAN operates at temperatures from 850 to 1300 ° C, which guarantees the complete neutralization of waste. HURIKAN incinerators differ in power, speed, size, etc.

The unit is a two-chamber design. Unsuitable materials are burned in the first chamber, and afterburning of combustion products occurs in the second. These are the main advantages of the HURIKAN incinerator - even the gases that are formed during incineration are neutralized in the waste disposal process. Also, thanks to a special cleaning system, the release of pathogenic substances into the atmosphere is prevented.
This equipment can be used in almost any production or enterprise, since almost all non-metal waste is disposed of using the Hurikan.

Thanks to this equipment, you can get rid of a large amount of unusable material as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost, both labor and time, and money. It can be:

household waste;
biological and veterinary waste;
medical and toxic waste, etc.
This equipment has many advantages over other models. The main ones are:
a wide range of waste for disposal;
minimum time, resource and material costs;
high efficiency and environmental friendliness of work.
HURIKAN series incinerators are a series of powerful, high-tech plants for the disposal of food, medical waste, carcasses of animals including whole (cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry). Suitable for disaster management, disease outbreaks and epidemics. It is also suitable for burning “tailings” of MSW / MSW, after sorting.

HURIKAN can be mounted on a semi-trailer, highly maneuverable, quickly deployed in place, has a robust construction, automatic combustion cycles.

The performance of these incinerators ranges from 70 to 5000 kg / h.

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