HURIKAN 1000Eco-Spectrum LLC signed an agreement for the supply of waste disposal equipment for the project Arctic LNG 2

• Ecological equipment Eco-Spectrum will help ensure an autonomous level of waste management for the Arctic LNG 2 project
• Eco-Spectrum will supply the advanced HURIKAN 1000 complex with adapted operation in extremely low temperatures
• The specialists of Eco-Spectrum will complete the delivery and commissioning by December 2020

KRASNODAR, Russia, October 1, 2020 -
Eco-Spectrum -
A leading Russian company for the production of thermal waste disposal systems entered into an agreement for the supply of a thermal waste disposal complex HURIKAN 1000 for Arctic LNG 2, a large project for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG), located on the Gydan Peninsula in Western Siberia (Russia). The launch of the HURIKAN 1000 complex produced by Eco-Spectrum is planned to be carried out until December 2020.

The HURIKAN 1000 incinerator is one of the most powerful equipment for utilization and disposal of waste, which has gained its popularity for projects in the oil and gas industry in Russia. The unique monolithic concrete lining ensures reliable operation throughout the life of the equipment. In addition, the model is equipped with an advanced automatic loading system, which increases its efficiency and safety.

Oktyabrina Devletova, CEO of Eco-Spectrum, noted:
“We appreciate the unique opportunity to participate in this Arctic LNG 2 project for the production and liquefaction of gas in Russia. The highly efficient HURIKAN 1000 complex will help solve the problem of accumulating production and consumption waste at such a complex facility. "

Incinerator complexes HURIKAN 1000 are used at many facilities of leading Russian and foreign companies. Eco-Spectrum incinerators and cremators are trusted by customers all over Russia - from Sakhalin Island and Primorsky Krai to the Republic of Crimea.

About the company "Eco-Spectrum"
Eco-Spectrum is a leading Russian company that produces environmental, thermal and gas cleaning equipment to meet the needs of customers throughout the country and neighboring countries; we have over 100 qualified employees.

All services of the plant have attestations and certificates necessary for the manufacture of the entire range of products: incinerators of the VOLKAN and HURIKAN series, gas cleaners of the TYPHOON series, boilers of the BIOTHERM and GEOTHERM series.

Production facilities and engineering services allow us to carry out a full cycle of product manufacturing, starting with the purchase of metal, manufacturing equipment, painting and shipment of a finished waste disposal complex to the customer.

Service and technical support of customers always remains at a high responsible level throughout the entire life of the equipment.

Our customers are leading oil and gas companies in Russia and the CIS countries, such as Rosneft, Gazprom, Bashneft, as well as large agricultural holdings, state and private enterprises.

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