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The head of the production company Eco-Spectrum LLC, Devletova Oktyabrina Shakirovna, gives an interview to The Daily South newspaper

Переработки отходов. Инсинераторы VOLKAN и HURIKAN

The topic of disposal was raised at the government level for more than a year. Today, this topic is not only convenient for the state and the population, but also for enterprises, since taking into account modern equipment, it can significantly reduce utilization costs and even save energy on the energy market. and simultaneously receive energy, which is possible to use in small areas of production. In Krasnodar, waste utilizers are offered by Eco-Spectrum. "The incinerators can be used absolutely in various fields, in the forestry, woodworking and pulp and paper industries, chemical and petrochemical, and food industries, as well as incinerators are widely used in the public utilities sector. their falsifications. Incinerators have a number of different technical characteristics, and depending on the type of waste, one or another disposal technology is used. So, for example, a chamber type incinerator VOLKAN would be ideal for thermal destruction of biological or solid household waste , and rotary type HURIKAN would be ideal for oil waste .. These two types have a significant difference in the principle of operation and are fundamentally different in technical characteristics,” said Oktyabrina Devletova, the head of Eco-Spectrum.

Speaking about the energy potential of the incinerator, it is necessary to understand that for each specific case an individual calculation is necessary, but in general, the maximum amount of energy produced by the Eco-Spectrum inspirator can reach 200 kW / h. It is possible to use the received energy in the hothouse economy, in the refineries of the outbuildings, at industrial enterprises for the production of hot water and steam.

Another important positive quality of the incinerator is a quick payback period. The cost of dispose one kilogram of biological material in this device ranges from 15 to 30 kopecks, respectively, the cost of dispose a ton is 1,500–3,000 rubbles, while the price for disposal services by a third-party organization is, on average, in Russia from 6,000 to 9,000 rubbles.

“In addition to the issue of recoupment, efficiency of utilization, obtaining additional energy for the enterprise, the use of our incinerators solves the problem of biological safety, since using an incinerator in production eliminates the risk of introducing dangerous“ viruses ”on the wheels of a company providing waste disposal services”, - clarified Oktyabrina Devletova in animal husbandry. 
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