• VOLKAN 150

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 150
    up to ~ 40
    1.5x1.2x3.9 m
  • VOLKAN 200

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 200
    up to ~ 40
    2.3x1.35x4.2 m
  • VOLKAN 500

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 500
    up to ~ 50
    2.6x2.3x3.3 m
  • VOLKAN 750

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 750
    up to ~ 75
    2.6x2.9x3.3 m
  • VOLKAN 1000

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 1000
    up to ~ 75
    4.5x3x3.4 m
  • VOLKAN 1500

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 1500
    up to ~150
    8.9x2.3x3.4 m
  • VOLKAN 1750

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 1750
    up to ~ 150
    4.3x4.6x3.45 m
  • VOLKAN 2000

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 2000
    up to ~ 150
    4.2x4.5x4.6 m

Latest developments: VOLKAN incinerators – High-tech equipment for waste disposal

Thanks to modern developments of scientists and engineers, there are many ways to dispose of human waste. But the most effective, safe, economical and convenient way is considered to be special mobile systems for thermal destruction, which enables to install each private structure.

The VOLKAN series is recognized by experts as the best device. The main purpose is high-temperature destruction, waste disposal. The Volkan cremator will help to avoid the spread of infection, emissions of dioxins. In addition, VOLKAN - optimizes costs up to 80%.

If we talk about the types of waste that can be disposed of using the product, the list will look like this:

  • Bio-organic (animal waste, bones, blood)
  • Solid (excluding some types of plastic).
  • Medical.
  • Woodworking.
  • Oil sludge.

VOLKAN incinerators guarantee the disposal of more than 1300 variants of waste activities.

Features of operation

VOLKAN incinerators are products of the highest quality that not only can solve the issue of recycling at the enterprise, but also safeguard the environment.

The housing is resistant to high temperature, the interior is insulated with refractory fiber. In general, the average waste incineration time is no more than 1-3 hours. To avoid injury, it is recommended to carry out cleaning work only after complete cooling.

Innovative technology that meets international quality and environmental standards

Certified-permitting documentation for VOLKAN incinerators allows all companies in need of recycling to buy equipment.

A wide range of models, differing in capacity and performance, allows you to meet the individual needs of all customers. For example, the VOLKAN 300 model is ideal for small farms or supermarkets, whose disposal volume does not exceed 400 kilograms. But the VOLKAN 1000 model will make a good option for poultry farms, meat processing plants, veterinary clinics with a disposal volume of up to 1000 kg.

Why VOLKAN series?

  • Can be used stationary or mobile.
  • Convenience and ease of use.
  • The incineration process is automated.
  • Low cost of disposal, through the use of thermal insulation materials that reduce fuel costs.
  • Round-the-clock operation.

Where to buy?

"Eco-Spectrum" is an industry leader. For more than 10 years we have been responsibly and reliably helping our customers to implement the waste disposal process. A wide catalog of VOLKAN cremators allows customers to choose the type of device that is suitable for their company. Delivery is carried out all across Russia.

VOLKAN series are designed for high-temperature thermal destruction and neutralization of medical and biological waste.

All incinerators have a SEE Certificate including 1300 types of waste.

Suitable for incineration:
  • Whole animal corpses, as well as their parts.
  • Waste from livestock, poultry farming, slaughterhouses, including blood and bones.
  • Solid public waste (with the exception of some types of plastics)
  • Medical waste, surgical waste, injection samples, pharmaceutical waste (including medicines in the form of tablets, liquids, powders, etc.)
  • Woodworking waste and many others.

Advantages of VOLKAN series:
  • The equipment does not require on-site installation. Supplied assembled
  • Biosafety, as waste can be disposed of at the place of its formation
  • Low cost of disposal due to the double-layer lining, which allows you to retain heat in the CS
  • Easy to operate
  • Automated combustion process

VOLKAN series can be set up stationary and also can be used mobile. Reliable, made of high-quality materials, available in a wide range of loading capacity from 0.26 m3 to 4.4 m3 and combustion rates from 50 kg/h to 150 kg/h.

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