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Determination of the behavioral factor of waste during combustion at the waste of the customer

Most often, customers when choosing a supplier are faced with the fact that different manufacturers offer, it would seem with similar technology, different performance indicators, and fuel consumption.

However, a more detailed analysis reveals that this "difference" of indicators can be just a "marketing move" or arise due to lack of experience and suggestions about the behavior of the waste during combustion, but only in operation the customer receives real actual numbers, often much lower declared.

The Eco-Spectrum company, despite its extensive experience in the field of behavioral factors of combustion waste, nevertheless regularly conducts sea trials at the Customer’s waste at its landfill, after which a complete analysis of the data is carried out on the basis of which the most approximate performance indicators of the selected equipment are declared.

So, we conducted tests in the landfill at the HURIKAN (URAGAN) 150, HURIKAN (URAGAN) 1000, VOLKAN (VULKAN) 200 installations on such waste as: oily waste (waste oil), waste washing off and transportation of oil products, non-woven wallpaper ( construction waste), biological production waste, fish waste, pork bristles after wet enveloping, sewage flotation sediment, soap production waste, municipal solid waste, construction solid waste, synthetic fiber, polyester (automobile insulation), medicals and other waste.