Mobile incinerator

Mobile incinerator is a practical and compact waste disposal equipment

Mobile incinerators are a type of equipment that moves on a trailer. The use of a mobile incinerator is especially advisable in cases of animal deaths, epidemiological situation, etc. And with the help of a mobile installation, you can quickly dispose of biomass.

Let's look at the main features and advantages of this equipment. Mobile incinerators are used:

  • to ensure sanitary and environmental safety in the process of disposal of bio- and veterinary waste;
  • for the disposal of carcasses of animals and birds directly at the place of their death, which will prevent the risk of spreading infection during the transportation of biomass;
  • for incineration of biological waste in case it is impossible to transport them to the disposal site;
  • in extremely emergency situations, when the fastest and most efficient work is required, for example, at the site of an epidemic outbreak.

The mobile incinerator is a fully operational equipment. The installation is equipped with a fuel tank of the required volume (in agreement with the client) and a generator.

Our company offers reliable and high-quality mobile incinerators at reasonable prices. If necessary, we can produce a non-standard model of equipment with additional options - it all depends on the individual requirements of the customer. Contact us and we will help you in the matter of purchasing a mobile incinerator.