Boilers for recycling

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The waste heat boiler is used for burning various types of waste. To operate the boiler for burning waste is particularly advisable in industries related to any processing.

In this case, the waste that is generated as a result of the activities of the enterprise is used as a kind of "fuel" for plants that produce heat.

It would seem, what caused the problem of disposing of waste? After all, this is a natural material, what danger can it carry to the environment or people? However, at any enterprises, waste accumulates in too large volumes, but they do not have demand. waste disposal is not an option, as it will significantly disrupt the ecological balance in a particular region.

The boiler for burning waste will solve the problem of their disposal. In addition, waste will serve as a source of cheap heat energy.


The waste burning boiler consists of the following elements:

  • loading bunker;
  • fire-bars;
  • afterburners;
  • secondary air heater or secondary water heater;
  • heat exchanger;
  • heat exchanger;

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