Waste disposal and incineration plants

Waste disposal and incineration plant - classification and operation of equipment

Waste incinerator - incinerator - highly efficient equipment for the disposal of unsuitable materials. Such plants are used for incineration of solid and liquid wastes in medical and veterinary institutions, on farms and meat processing plants, production, etc.

The technology of thermal exposure allows you to easily solve the problem of proper disposal of almost all types of waste, including plastic, organics, petroleum products, computer circuit boards and much more.


It is necessary to acquire the incinerator in accordance with the specifics of the enterprise and the type of waste that is to be disposed of. We produce equipment in the following areas:

  • Installations for the incineration of biological waste. Such incinerators are relevant for use in livestock enterprises, poultry farms, slaughterhouses, food production, etc. With their help, you can quickly and effectively destroy dangerous biomass.
  • Equipment for the disposal of medical and laboratory waste. This type of waste poses a potential threat to human health and the environment. This is especially true for class B and C wastes that have been in contact with infected people and have on themselves the remnants of the biological material of patients. You can buy an incinerator for medical waste on the website of our company that manufactures this equipment. The cost of class B and C waste utilizer will depend on the capacity, loading chamber volume and other parameters of the incinerator.
  • Installations for the incineration of liquid and chemical waste. Such incinerators operate at pharmacological, oil refining and other enterprises, as a result of the activities of which hazardous liquid waste or oil sludge is generated.

Industrial waste incineration plants are operating at high temperatures - from 700 to 1500 degrees Celsius. In one chamber, unsuitable material is disposed of, and in the second - combustion products are neutralized. All this allows to reduce to zero the risk of exposure to the atmosphere of hazardous emissions or contaminated gases.


The use of a plant for the utilization and incineration of waste has several advantages:

  • utilization of large volumes of waste in one load;
  • maximum reduction in initial waste volumes - up to 95%;
  • neutralization of hazardous substances, environmental protection;
  • ease and simplicity in operation;
  • minimum maintenance and equipment maintenance costs;
  • the possibility of generating heat in the process of waste disposal.

Disposal of waste in incinerators is an absolutely safe process for employees of enterprises that use this equipment and for the environment. The installation operation is automated; contact with hazardous materials is minimized during the loading of waste, which is especially important when it comes to toxic or infected waste.

Our company is a leader in the production of high-tech and high-quality incinerators in the Russian market. We offer our customers a wide range of equipment: from mobile and compact incinerators and cremators, to units with the ability to load several tons.

You will be pleasantly surprised not only by the impeccable quality of service of our company and the equipment we offer, but also by our prices - we sell industrial waste incinerators at affordable and affordable prices.