Hot water boiler GEOTHERM WGB (P) 7,56


Specifications Units of phys. qt Standard size
Boiler type 7,56
Heating capacity kW 7560
Water temperature at the exit of the boiler ◦С 95
at the entrance to the boiler 70
EC (efficiency coefficient) of boiler Natural gas % 94
93  92,9
diesel 92 91,8 
Fuel consumption Natural gas Nm3/h 810
810  811
diesel kg/h 697 
697  700
Exhaust gas temperature Natural gas ◦С 126 138  162
diesel 169 172  188
Aerodynamic resistance of the boiler (without burner) Pa 333 335 
Hydraulic resistance MPа 0,14 0,15 
Design water pressure at the inlet MPа 0,7 0,9 
Water flow through the boiler t/h 260 144,4  81,2
Specific emission of nitrogen oxides Natural gas g/m³ 0,08
0,08  0,08
diesel 0,16 0,16  0,16
Adjustment range % 30-100 30-100
Boiler weight (without burner, without water) kg 11800 11800 
Water volume of boiler 2,5 2,5 
Heating surface area 360,6 360,6 


GEOTHERM ® WGB (P) series boilers are designed to produce hot water. Boilers are focused on heat supply of industrial and domestic facilities.

GEOTHERM ® WGB (P) series boilers are manufactured with three temperature schedules 70-95 °C; 70-110 °C; 70-150 °C.

Boilers of the GEOTHERM ® VWS (P) series are produced with a capacity from 0.63 to 58.2 MW.

The fundamental difference between the boilers of the GEOTHERM ® WB (P) series from the boilers of the GEOTHERM WEB(3P); GEOTHERM WEB; GEOTHERM WEB(V) series is that the exhaust gases after burning the torch of the burner immediately pass through the convective surface.

Main components of GEOTHERM ® WGB (P) series boilers:

  • Collector frame - serves for the distribution of water flows depending on the hydraulic circuit of the boiler and the connection of the boiler to the external strapping.

  • The convective section is the main part of the boiler pipe system.

  • The support frame serves as the base for the installation of the boiler pipe system.

  • Stiffness belt - serves as a frame to ensure the rigidity of the boiler.

  • The flue duct with an explosive valve - serves as a channel for the discharge of exhaust gases.

Hot water boiler GEOTHERM WGB (P) 7.56 can operate in three temperature modes 70-95, 70-110 and 70-150°C. The boiler can provide heat to a residential area of ​​a city or a village.

Advantages of the boiler geotherm series:

High efficiency

Gas-tight tube

Low NOx emissions

Quick launch

Reliable and simple performance

Modern design

Possibility to use boilers in open heating systems

Package supply

Wide size range from 0,25 to 68,9 mw

Application of boilers with burners from leading European and Russian manufacturers

Low hydraulic resistance

Simplified repairs