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GEOTHERM industrial hot water boilers

Industrial hot water boilers GEOTHERM WGB (P), WGB (3P), WMB series are designed for heating and hot water supply of industrial, housing-and-municipal facilities. The boiler is a heat unit which warms up the water of heat supply network directly or through heat exchangers.

The boiler is designed for heating water with the time-temperature chart 95/70, 110/70, 150/70, with a constant water flow through the boiler in the load control range. There might be other time-temperature charts at nominal water flow rates through the boiler while keeping the thermal gradient at the inlet and outlet of the boiler.

Range of load control is 30-100% (it is possible to change the load range depending on the burner modification).

Natural gas, diesel, fuel oil, solid fuel can be used in boilers.


GEOTHERM boilers of the WGB (P), WGB (3P), WMB series are water-heating water-tube gas-proof boilers with horizontal or vertical heating surfaces. According to the movement of flue gases the boilers сan be single-pass (span), three-pass.

The design of the boiler includes a combustion chamber and a convective heating surface located behind the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber of the boiler and the convective part are shielded by membrane panels assembled from pipes with a diameter of 51x4.0 mm or 57x4.0 mm with welded-in spacers which ensure the gas-proof of the boiler under inflating. The convective heating surface consists of a certain number of packages. Each package is assembled from horizontally or vertically arranged screens made of U-shaped pipes with a diameter of 28x3 mm or 32x3 mm. Drainage system and vent grooves are made of pipes with a diameter of 28x3 mm or 32x3 mm. The design of the boiler has provision for the required technological manholes and poke holes for the boiler operation. The gas-proof design of the boiler allows the use of light thermal insulation up to 50 mm with decorative trimming. The boilers can be also used for operation with rarefaction.