Cremator for animals

  • VOLKAN 500

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 500
    up to ~ 50
    2.6x2.3x3.3 m
  • VOLKAN 750

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 750
    up to ~ 75
    2.6x2.9x3.3 m
  • VOLKAN 1000

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 1000
    up to ~ 75
    4.5x3x3.4 m
  • VOLKAN 1500

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 1500
    up to ~150
    8.9x2.3x3.4 m
  • VOLKAN 1750

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 1750
    up to ~ 150
    4.3x4.6x3.45 m

Cremator for animal disposal: features and advantages of the equipment

Livestock enterprises in the course of their activities leave a large amount of unsuitable biomass, which must be properly disposed of. Due to the fact that animal waste is extremely dangerous, as they are sources of pathogenic microflora, viruses and infections, it is necessary to dispose of them through high temperature treatment. These are the sanitary and hygienic standards. Only the incineration of the remains guarantees the decomposition of organic biomass to inorganic sterile components.

The cremator for the disposal of animals is just used for these purposes. Only animal cremators ensure the efficient and rapid destruction of animal waste. At the same time, the equipment does not pose any danger to the environment and the sanitary situation inside the enterprise itself.

Our company presents a large range of modern units. You can buy a cremator for the disposal of animals, the price of which depends on many factors, on our website.

Cremator for animals: features of the equipment operation

The principle of operation of the cremator consists in the thermal destruction of biological mass: timely, efficient, fast and safe. At the same time, the operation of the unit provides complete protection against emissions of pathogenic gases into the atmosphere.

Disposal takes place under the influence of high temperatures — from 700 to 800 degrees Celsius. Upon completion of the work, only sterile ashes and bones remain in the cremator chamber for cattle. High and uniform burning temperature is provided by the built-in burners, and thanks to the presence of an autonomous mode, fuel economy is guaranteed. Therefore, it is also economically advantageous to buy a cremator for the disposal of animals. You make a one-time investment in optimizing the operation of your production, and no longer ask the question: "How to secure the enterprise and neutralize unusable biomass?"

Modern animal cremators are characterized by high performance and speed, they are reliable and practical in operation, do not require special skills to work.

Cremator for animals: what does the equipment consist of?

Reliable heat-resistant and heat-resistant materials are used in the production of equipment. Thanks to the burners built at a certain angle (diesel or gas), optimally fast destruction of a large volume of animal waste is ensured in one load of the cremator.

The cremator for animals consists of:

  • the loading chamber, where the heat treatment of waste takes place. Inside the chamber is covered with a special refractory material;
  • the hatch through which animal waste is loaded. The hatch door has optimal dimensions, and for safety there is a special safety rope that prevents the door from self-closing;
  • a gas or diesel burner, which provides a high burning temperature;
  • a hatch through which sterile ash and other burnt products are discharged.

Scope of application of cremators for the disposal of animal waste

The cremator is suitable for incineration of waste from meat processing enterprises and poultry farms. These types of bio-mass include:

  • remains of cattle, birds, laboratory animals;
  • animal embryos;
  • organic waste obtained as a result of processing of raw materials of animal origin;
  • infected animal remains (anthrax, plague, rabies, tularemia, tetanus, catarrhal fever, African swine fever, botulism, avian plague, etc.). Such biomass should be burned immediately to prevent the spread of infection.

Why buy animal cremators on our website?

Animal cremators, which are presented on our website, meet strict quality standards and have all the necessary certificates confirming their compliance with international standards and requirements.

In our work, we are guided by the principle of an individual approach to each client, which allows our customers to choose the right equipment in accordance with their production conditions. On the catalog pages you will be able to choose the optimal model of the cremator for animals according to parameters such as the volume of the loading chamber, speed, power, dimensions, etc. Depending on the modification of the cremator for the disposal of animals, its price also varies.

A cremator for the disposal of waste from meat processing enterprises and poultry farms is a guarantee of maintaining proper sanitary conditions in livestock production. You can buy high-quality equipment at the best prices on our company's website. And qualified consultants will provide you with full assistance in choosing the optimal cremator.