Biological waste furnace

  • VOLKAN 150

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 150
    up to ~ 40
    1.5x1.2x3.9 m
  • VOLKAN 200

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 200
    up to ~ 40
    2.3x1.35x4.2 m
  • VOLKAN 500

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 500
    up to ~ 50
    2.6x2.3x3.3 m
  • VOLKAN 750

    Eco-Spectrum - VOLKAN 750
    up to ~ 75
    2.6x2.9x3.3 m

Where to buy a furnace for disposing biological waste?

The problem of the proper destruction of biological waste is becoming increasingly important: the loss of livestock and poultry in the livestock and agrarian-industrial sector, the active development of the food industry - all this is directly affected by the destroy. And here the following question arises: how to do it in the best way so that the scrap process is both efficient and economically beneficial and ecologically safe?

This problem can be solved through the use in the production of a special furnace for incineration of biological waste - a cremator or incinerator. It is possible to buy the furnace for utilization of biological waste on our website.

The thermal method of disposal of hazardous waste is considered one of the most effective and reliable. Due to the high temperature, and the furnace for burning bio-waste operates at a temperature of 700 to 1500 degrees Celsius, all dangerous viruses, infections, bacteria and microorganisms are destroyed. Using a cremator or an incinerator in production allows for a single load to immediately dispose of a large amount of unsuitable biomass, because, as is known, storing it is strictly prohibited. Combustion of biomass reduces the volume of waste to 5-7% - upon completion of the disposal process, only sterile ashes and bones remain.


The device is a special chamber made of refractory material, equipped with fire-bars and a burner, which, depending on the type of fuel, is either gas or diesel. The price of the furnace for biological waste disposal will depend on the configuration, technical characteristics, modifications and other equipment parameters. On our site you can buy the best models of incinerators and cremators at the most optimal cost.

The main advantage of using a furnace for disposing bio-waste is absolute safety for the environment and the possibility of improving the sanitary and hygienic state at work. During the operation of the equipment, hazardous exhausts do not enter the atmosphere, since these products of combustion are burned in a special chamber of the cremator or incinerator. As a result, you get not only an efficient installation for biomass utilization, but also a reliable unit that guarantees the safety of this process.

Other significant advantages that the bio-waste incinerator has:

  • ease of operation: to work with the equipment does not need to undergo a long training, it is intuitive and does not constitute special difficulties;
  • minimum maintenance costs: buy a furnace for the disposal of biological waste, you will make a profitable investment in your production. For maintenance of the equipment it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, due to modern and manufactured burners inside the loading chamber, fuel consumption is minimized;
  • high wear resistance: thanks to reliable and durable materials from which cremators and incinerators are made, high operational properties of the installations are guaranteed;
  • profitability: the cost of equipment is available to every customer, and due to the minimum cost of its further use, this acquisition pays for itself very quickly.

On the website of our company producing cremators and incinerators, you can find suitable models of installations for the incineration of any type of waste, including biological. We offer our customers best quality equipment at an affordable cost.