Horizontal baler


Hydraulic waste horizontal balers are manufactured by Anis-Trend (Slovenia), founded in 1994 by former specialists of the well-known Yugoslav company RIKO.

Today Anis-Trend balers are supplied to England, Switzerland, USA, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Greece and other countries. Today, Anis-Trend is a serious competitor in the global, including the European market to such well-known brands as BOA, HSM and others. In no way inferior to the leading manufacturers, Anis-Trend is much cheaper.

Anis-Trend produces horizontal automatic hydraulic balers for waste, both knife-type and with pre-pressing.

Presses with pre-pressing have a reliable design, the highest quality of manufacture, which, combined with the use of the most modern and high-quality components, allows you to achieve high productivity at very low operating costs. The presses are equipped with a system for cutting off excess material, horizontal / vertical automatic strapping systems, which allows you to press a very wide range of different materials.

Anis-Trend offers horizontal balers for all types of industrial and household waste: waste paper, cardboard, PET, polyethylene film, textiles, aluminum cans, waste sorting tails, etc. Anis-Trend produces horizontal balers with automatic strapping:

  • inexpensive knife horizontal balers with a capacity of 1-2 t/h and a price of 80,000 euros
  • powerful horizontal balers with pre-pressing, including for solid waste and tailings sorting

Anis-Trend balers are characterized by high reliability, ease of maintenance, a minimum number of wear parts and a low price with the highest quality of manufacture.