Max-AI® technology is ushering in a new age of MRF automation and intelligence.

Max-AI® technology is ushering in a new age of MRF automation and intelligence. From robotic sorting to real-time material identification, this technology is powering real solutions that deliver powerful results. Max can see, think and act. Through deep learning, Max employs both multi-layered neural networks and a vision system to see and identify objects similar to the way a person does. Max can identify almost any material on a conveyor belt in real time. It’s an incredible leap forward for an industry that has been reliant on expensive sensors to identify materials in a way that is far more limited than the identification and decision-making abilities of Max. It’s the beginning of a new era of industrial automation. 

Max-AI AQC sorters are the ultimate in post-sort automation. When combined with NRT optical sorters, the container sorting process is 100% autonomous and the need for human contact with waste is eliminated. The AQC exceeds human performance in every metric: speed, accuracy, consistency, safety, & cost for a fast return on investment. The AQC makes multiple sorting decisions autonomously; for example, separating thermoform trays, aluminum, 3D fiber and residue from a stream of optically-sorted PET bottles. All of this is done at rates exceeding human capabilities and each pick is prioritized for profitability. Max-AI AQC sorters provide MRF operators with sustained and consistent sorting performance while improving facility safety, recovery, product quality and operational expenses.

Max-AI VIS identifies recyclables in real time and is a cost-effective way to monitor material composition throughout a system. It can be used to verify the quality of end products, or to analyze residue as it leaves a system. This data is visible to operators through the BHS Total Intelligence Platform, in real time and trending. An operator can compare composition for the day, week, month or any other period to another period to track key performance indicators (KPIs). The BHS Total Intelligence Platform provides information to track the entire recycling process in a visual and easy-to-use interface. The intuitive and flexible platform monitors and tracks throughput, uptime, events, material composition, motor amperage, object and performance data from optical sorters and Max-AI-powered equipment, live bunker status and baling operations, and much more.