Waste compactor

The stationary compactor SP 45 is designed to meet the high power requirements for pressing industrial waste, bulky cardboard and paper. The size of the loading bunker can be 7 m3. With one pressing cycle, the press is able to press about 1.8 m3 of mass into an additional container.

The press can press with a force of up to 45 tons. 6-8 tons of cardboard are pressed into a container with a volume of 30 m3 at this pressure. This press has a more powerful hydraulic unit located at the rear of the press. Slider about 1500 mm wide.

LR version (manual)

The operator connects the press to the container with a ratchet, and before disconnecting from the filled container, the press will close the container using two tubes, which the operator will then manually fix in the container.

Version LH (automatic)

The press is connected to the container automatically by hydraulic hooks, and after connection, the movable lock will open. After filling the container, it will automatically close with a falling gate (guillotine) and detach from the press.

The stationary press SP45 is fixed to a flat concrete foundation with anchor bolts. The operation of the press is controlled by buttons from the remote control. At the request of the customer, sound and optical signaling of the press progress or container filling can be installed.


  • cover of the loading bunker;

  • aluminum casing cover;

  • cover closure;

  • increased height of the bunker;

  • increased height of the side wall;

  • optical trigger sensors;

  • rubber seal of the gate or valve;

  • elastic suspension of the hydraulic device, more powerful pump and motor;

  • oil cooling or oil heating;

  • GSM module;

  • remote control from the ramp;

  • multicomponent paints;

  • fencing.