Ballistic separator

Widely known for their reliability and efficiency, Bianna Recycling ballistic separators are used in waste sorting plants around the world. It is possible to adjust various parameters to automatically adapt the material type, from fan speed to equipment tilt.

The equipment is specially designed to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, and it comes with a variety of devices that make the inside of the ballistic protection as ergonomic and comfortable as possible.

Principle of operation

The equipment includes a ramp with longitudinal perforated plates that perform a ballistic movement created by two crankshafts located below them. The tilt of the equipment and the rotational movement of the plates allow the incoming stream to be divided into three different fractions:

  • 3D: rolling fraction, bottles, cans, light packaging, etc.

  • Fine fraction: sand, organic fraction residues, etc.

  • 2D: Flat fraction, paper, cardboard, etc.