Sorting line SK-500


  • Capacity, 1000 tons/year up to 500
  • Sorting posts 86
  • Energy consumption, kW 1300–1800
  • Version of execution manual/semi-automatic/automatic

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Waste sorting plant "SK-500" consists of three lines for sorting mixed waste and one line for sorting waste from separate collection, which meets the latest requirements for the processing and accumulation of MSW.

Each of the main sorting lines includes the entire range of modern sorting equipment and most of the separation, in terms of composition and morphology, of the incoming MSW flow takes place automatically. The sorting line from separate collection is equipped with a sorting cabin, where the selection of useful fractions takes place in manual mode.

The SK-500 waste sorting plant also has a SRF (RDF) production area, industrial waste shredding area, a technical soil production area, and a medical and biological waste incineration area.

The municipal solid waste sorting plant "SK-500" from the company "Eco-Spectrum" is suitable for a settlement with a population of up to 1 million people. The complex is designed for sorting MSW up to 500,000 tons/year, using only 86 sorting posts, operating 22 hours a day.

Sorting plant MSW "SK-500" consists of:

  • Bag opener.

  • Chain feed conveyors.

  • Platforms and climatic cabins for manual pre-sorting with cullet selection posts.

  • Belt sorting conveyors.

  • Belt feeding conveyors.

  • Trommel screens.

  • Belt discharge conveyors.

  • Magnetic separators.

  • Eddy current separators.

  • Chain reversible conveyors.

  • Optical separators.

  • Ballistic separators.

  • Platforms and climatic cabins sorting by morphological composition.

  • Shredder primary.

  • Shredder secondary SRF(RDF).

  • Air separator.

  • Automatic control systems.

  • Horizontal baler.

  • Compressor station.

  • Incinerators.

  • Technical soil production system.