Optical sorter

Today NRT owns or is the exclusive licensee of 29 U.S. patents and five foreign patents covering these disciplines, with others pending. Utilizing top-of-the-line technology and components, our equipment features scan rates of up to 10,000 scans-per-second and boasts industry-leading capture rates. During the past 30 years NRT has developed dozens of technologies and advances for use in Color, Near Infrared (NIR), X-Ray and Induction Sensing Sorting applications and systems. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, NRT is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and installing optical sorting technology. Since our inception in 1981, our people have been industry thoughtleaders and innovators. Today, we apply our technology in automated industrial inspection systems and materials handling and process control, particularly in processing materials for recycling.

NRT SpydIR®-R sorting module with integrated control cabinet.

The SpydIR®-R shall be populated with a reflective multi-polymer IR detection/ejection system, positioned to detect close to the discharge end of the accelerator conveyor, designed to detect and eject user specified polymer containers collectively into a polymer product stream. The remaining materials will pass through to a separate discharge. The SpydIR®-R will accept a feed stream within the side skirts of an acceleration conveyor at approximately 600 ft/min (3 m/s).

The SpydIR®-R sorting system as supplied includes:

  • Reflective infrared detection system integrated with a pneumatic ejection system

  • Eject UP or DOWN pneumatic system, specify at time of order

  • Powder coated steel sorting enclosure; standard RAL 5010 applied.

  • System control panel with start/stop signal to user’s PLC for feed/product/reject conveyors under normal and fault conditions.

  • Front panel touch screen for target and ejection parameter selections.

  • Statistics screen showing number of detections and number of ejections.

  • Open architecture industrial duty high speed computer for easy maintenance and upgrades as technology advances.

  • Internet connectivity for remote diagnostic and adjustment capabilities of SpydIR®-R.

  • UL or CE Certification.

  • Operation and Maintenance Manual.

In conclusion;

when compared to other manufacturers; this equipment is considered to be an operational cost saving as the consumption of the compressed air of this equipment is twice less than other equipment with better efficiency and productivity, hence the electrical consumption goes down which is a significant cost for this type of plant.